Published Middlegrade Fantasy

After a few years of planning and procrastinating, my book is now available for purchase. Woohoo- I'm very excited. Nine Realms- For Goblins' Sake, first in the standalone series. Middle-grade fantasy, all things magical, steampunk and maze style. Ready for purchase on, UK, and more. Free for KDP users and faster shipping for amazon prime customers. Continue Reading →


For Goblins’ Sake… Meet the narrator

The Phoenix of the Realms, the narrator and messenger. Through discomfort and anxiety comes growth, expansion, and rebirth or a reset, as the Phoenix knows only too well. Fire is its biggest fear, yet through the flames only, can he rise and reset through the ashes. Much like the second book in the Nine Realm... Continue Reading →

Long Winding Road to Publishing

Hello readers, I have always wanted to write, whether it was a list or jotting my thoughts down, I always had a pen and paper handy. But it wasn't until I was in my twenties when I really thought seriously about writing an actual novel, not just a short, half planned story. It began when... Continue Reading →


I have to say, it felt like Christmas the moment the postman walked up to my door. I knew my illustrator's art was on its way. To finally see something I had created come to life on paper, in my hands, was a wonderful feeling.   Thank you very much, Taylor Cummings. 'For Goblins' sake'... Continue Reading →

Nine Realms~ For Goblins’ Sake

Finally, after a year of writing this middle-grade story, it now feels like it's coming to life. Book one in the series: 'Nine Realms' is finally in the last editing stages. For Goblins' Sake Illustrations completed courtesy of Taylor Cummings, Artist based in Alberta, Canada. Here is a cheeky preview of the artwork. Book two... Continue Reading →

Shared Post : How to make a living as a writer #amwriting

Thank you for your words Sue Vincent- Daily Echo.


Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I was speaking to a friend this morning, a woman whose writing often glows with lyric beauty, yet who has stopped writing because she could not sell her manuscript and will not self-publish.

As a writer, and much as I would like to, I don’t make a living from my work. Like most authors, and especially Indie authors, that is a dream about as realistic as winning the Pulitzer Prize. For many, the literary Holy Grail appears in the nebulous form of an Agent or a Contract… but even for those who attain it, making a living will almost always involve a day job as well as the untold hours tapping away at a keyboard. It is only a few who will go on to live the dream.

There are moments when you might wonder whether it is worth it; when you think of all the other things you could…

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A Note To Depression

Winter is long and bitterly cold, it's the time of quiet and isolation. A period where silence grows and your inner voice gets louder.  But there are times where I felt a buzz of happiness, excitement, and hope. It had come to a point where I have to make a list of these things to... Continue Reading →

Writing to music

Before I became a writer I was very much involved with local artists and bands. There would never be a moment without music on in the background or as the centerpiece. I would listen to everything from classical, folk, rock, reggae, pop, drum and bass, anything that was well composed and made my ears smile and my... Continue Reading →

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