On June 9th and 10th, I will be a guest author at the Penticton Penti-con, an annual event for all those nerds, geeks and fantasy lovers. I am very grateful to be taking part in this event especially as it will be my first book event. If you are in or around the Okanagan, British... Continue Reading →

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Upcoming Events, Summer 2018

I realize I have been somewhat distant from my blog. After having another baby, my time has been filled with joyous cuteness. But I have found some time for writing and bookish events. In June I attended my first comic con, which was quite nerve-wracking. It was not my usual crowd of people, but it... Continue Reading →

#ThePenti-Con 2018# BOOK SIGNING

Over the last weekend, the 9th-10th of June, I had the privilege of being a guest at the second annual  Penti-Con, Comic-con event, at the Trade and convention center. (Penticton, BC) As nerve-wracking as it was to begin with, the event was a complete success. I met so many wonderful people, with an array of... Continue Reading →

Published Middlegrade Fantasy

After a few years of planning and procrastinating, my book is now available for purchase. Woohoo- I'm very excited. Nine Realms- For Goblins' Sake, first in the standalone series. Middle-grade fantasy, all things magical, steampunk and maze style. Ready for purchase on, UK, and more. Free for KDP users and faster shipping for amazon prime customers. Continue Reading →

Long Winding Road to Publishing

Hello readers, I have always wanted to write, whether it was a list or jotting my thoughts down, I always had a pen and paper handy. But it wasn't until I was in my twenties when I really thought seriously about writing an actual novel, not just a short, half planned story. It began when... Continue Reading →


I have to say, it felt like Christmas the moment the postman walked up to my door. I knew my illustrator's art was on its way. To finally see something I had created come to life on paper, in my hands, was a wonderful feeling.   Thank you very much, Taylor Cummings. 'For Goblins' sake'... Continue Reading →

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