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Annie is a mother of two young boys, a wife, advocate for children’s reading, an Usborne book consultant, and a meditation guide for children’s groups. Among all of that, writing is her passion which fuels her inner-child. She believes that there is nothing better than watching a child’s face light up with glee or taking a breath in shock at the words she has written.

Annie was born and raised on the south coast of England, brought up with the vast ocean views, filled with history and adventure. The Newforest folklore and country tales, the caverns of the Mendips and the secrets of the smugglers’ tunnels.

In her younger years, English literature was her favourite subject in school. Shakespeare was a big influence, as a child, she felt as though the words were written for her. Roald Dahl was a favourtie, of course, and the classics ‘Of Mice and Men’. The Discworld series was an introduction to a whole new dimension of creativity, a lucid, fantasy creation.

Writing was not always her passion, it wasn’t until she became a mother in 2013. While fulfilling her lifelong dream to live in Canada, her mind was overrun with fantasy ideas and new worlds to explore. There was no room left for those thoughts to stay in her mind, so she took to writing them down. Low and behold her love of writing began. With thanks to the Rocky Mountains and family road trips for inspiration.

Making lists and daydreaming was her mastered skill, but with a lack of belief in herself, writing a story and completing it was never on the horizon until it became compulsory.

After completing her first written story, a science fiction/ fantasy, she knew it wasn’t going to stop there. ( To be published one day)

Annie’s passion has always involved working with children, from teaching outdoor activities, meditation or youth clubs. Her goal is to reach as many children as possible with the intention of providing children with self-confidence and the tools to believe in themselves, in whichever tasks they put their minds to. Her mission is to reach schools across Canada and the UK, in hopes of inspiring others to follow their dreams no matter what.

With the belief of fairies and magic in all things, her mission is to open new worlds for young minds, to express themselves freely, without the fear of not being heard, understood or judged. Magic is within every single soul and can be accessed only if you remove your rose tinted glasses, and chose to see again.

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  1. Hello. . . . . glad you got a kick out of my Beetlejuice 2 blog as it’s always inspiring to meet a fellow author. More stuff is coming out soon and I wouldn’t mind checking out your new book sometime. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, or the Britannia equivalent. Writing certainly takes a long time to cultivate. You have my support all the way! πŸ˜‰

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  2. Annie, thank you so much for doing what you do. It is so important to keep the magic of imagination alive in children and adults. This can be somewhat hard, I know, when outside sources threaten the way we see, hear, smell, taste and touch our everyday. Fortunately for all of us we have you to help inspire and gently remind us all that Neverland still exists and lives in all of us, we need only look for it.

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