Crystal healing

Hello, I am writing this post in response to a followers interest in learning about other crystal healing experiences. So, I'll tell you a little bit about my experiences. My first crystal healing that I received  was in England by a close friend of mine. She offered me a reiki session and crystal healing.  I... Continue Reading →

Opinion is not fact

I cannot express enough how much someones opinion is not fact. We are all individuals and unique yet we are all one and have more in common than what separates us. When it comes to writing I just want to say that write what you like, not what others in your group of friends like... Continue Reading →

Just write and believe.

At the beginning stages of my story planning, I was frustrated as I had lots of ideas but none of them made much sense. I knew that I had to set a time a side to allow the words to flow, to actually start writing. So every afternoon after my son was down for his... Continue Reading →

Thetahealing® meditation.

p>Do you feel or know that there must be more to this world and universe then this. Of course... We are miniscule in comparison to the infinite universe. You may have a belief of something higher, a bigger purpose for yourself. If this resonates within you, I want to give you The tools to connecting... Continue Reading →

Daily gratitude

Begin to find the things the make you happy. What do you appreciate? What can you see right this minute take, a glance out of your window Notice - what makes you smile? #Today I am grateful for this site to express my inside words. #I am grateful for my morning alarm clock -that is... Continue Reading →

Global vibration

I am compelled to do something in this time of sadness. Reading and seeing and listening to all the negativity,seeing sadness and grief that is filling up yours minds likes a fog, has inspired me to write this. At this time of global desperation and desolation,  fear is striding through the towns like a plague... Continue Reading →

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