Meditation benefits for Children

Children are given an invaluable head start in helping the world and themselves with their natural loving nature and innocence. to be true and loving with free choice,  free will, freedom of speech and exploration. Through meditation, children  are able to pull their attention inwards and learn how to Listen to their  inner voice and their bodies. They are given this opportunity to express how they feel at that very moment, which is a hard task for children to pinpoint. Which is why children become frustrated, unable to express their emotions or understand them, this then leads to hitting or shouting etc.

Through meditation children are able to spend time with themselves, to acknowledge their senses and know that they are worthy and of importance. Once a child has comfortably adjusted to meditation and uses it when needed, the child will automatically increase their intuition and are able to trust their gut. Meditation  Strengthens immune system and Lowers stress and anxiety levels, even within children. It is has been proven to increases memory and works wonders with children with learning difficulties. Meditation helps them release negative thoughts and accept them just as thoughts and let them go. Daily gratitude practice helps with “seeing your cup as full” therefore manifesting more to you. Meditation can  increase social interaction and gives an appreciation of nature. During meditation, you can set healthy boundaries, through guided meditation or thought process and feeling work.

Having a set time or given the tools to meditate will enable your child to use what they have learned in daily situations, perhaps when they are stressed or afraid, they will feel a sense of relief knowing that they can try to breathe through or stop and meditate.

Meditation will naturally increase creativity and imagination, it will increase energy levels and allow for self-expression and fun in your life.

Through meditation children can learn the difference between their own thoughts and others, they will learn to acknowledge what makes them feel sad or happy, angry or worried. This will help in daily life when conflict arises or an uncomfortable situation unfolds. You will know what feels right and practice how to communicate what you want or don’t want.

With meditation becoming part of our culture,more now then ever, there is less judgment and misunderstanding towards it. Children are being taught how to meditate in school, and it has been proven to improve students behavior during school, as a substitute for detention. With more children meditating today, we will have a future of positive, strong-minded and loving adults. These children will grow up to be exactly who they are meant to be at exactly the right time for them, with the help of the teachers like YOU.

If you are interested in any further information on children’s meditation or guided meditation, please contact me on my Fb page or comment below.

Coming soon “Toddler to Teens meditation tips” book. Including complete meditation scripts for bedtime, afraid of the dark, fears, anxiety, mindful nature and breathing techniques. The book will also include activities that I teach during “Annie’s meditation  course for children.”



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