Empty, lost feeling after you’ve written a book.

Well… I have written my story, an adventure that has taken over my day to day life for a year now.

I have planned, drafted, re written  and wrote again,  edited and edited… oh and edited a bit more.

This is my first story, 19 chapters, a whole new world, exciting times,sad times, memorable times and god awful times, but most of all I did it. I actually wrote a story and finished it.  I am proud of myself and you should be too, even if you just started planning.

Set goals, dream and create. Write what thrills you, excites you but remember it never defines you. Write for fun, love and the adventure. If you have fun I am certain others will read that in your words and feel the same.

The story i have written is a fantasy adventure for children with a twist. Through thetahealing and spiritual practices my imagination  and creativity  has bloomed. My story is complete and now I must send the manuscript to Theta healing headquarters for copyright access and publishing.

This process may be long winded, like tradional publishing.
I have spent a lot of energy in this book and have faith it will get published, but to have some one possibly tell me I am not allowed to, is daunting.
But to be able to tell my story with these spiritual teachings, permission is a must.
I hope they allow it and I can then move forward with either self publishing or traditional. Not quite sure which route to take yet.
If, on the other hand the book is not accepted, I will have to rewrite the entire story all over again. A great task which I am willing and have accepted may be a possibility.

If you feel this story is something that may help your children or resonates with you please support and follow me.

To teach meditation, intuition, everything is one and conscious and that the power and magic is within you, through fun stories, is the most precious gift I can offer.

If you have children or enjoy a fantasy adventure then please follow for chapter updates and publishing progress.

I will be blogging about the hardships, mental chatter and achievements that i have endured whilst writing this book.





One thought on “Empty, lost feeling after you’ve written a book.

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  1. So nice to hear about such successes. I hope to complete my memoir within the next twelve months. In the meantime, I’m having a blast with my blog. It gives me the opportunity to share poetry, flash fiction, biblical studies, and reflections on the creative process. Have you heard of “The Artist’s Way”l by Julia Cameron. I am going to be using it as the basic text for a 12-week creativity workshop at the Priestley-Forsyth Memorial Library where I have the fantastic privilege of working part-time. I love the smell of books in the morning. Smells like… adventure.

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