Find that bursting inspiration

When I began planning my story i had no idea where it would lead.
I knew I wanted to include thetahealing teaching somehow, but adventures are best and where would I start?

In the new year of 2015 I was struck with a creative stream,  it was like a doorway in my mind had opened and now I can’t close it and I would never want to.

Ideas endlessly flowed but I couldn’t fit them together or find a meaning to them. It frustrated me as I had all this bubbling inside without being able to vent it in some sort of order.

It wasn’t until my family went on a trip to the Rocky mountains for a weekend getaway, when my mind spewed with images, characters, voices,  exciting locations and death defying obstacles.


My pen at the ready flowed onto the nearest piece of something available, which was a napkin from a drive thru.
Once this was full I dug deep into our luggage and found my note book.
My heart leapt with enthusiasm and relief that I could finally begin to plan and write my story.

That road trip was not short of conversation. My poor husband, patiently listening to me talk out loud about where, what, when and why characters and places can do or be or say for most of the weekend.

I cannot express how much easier It was for my story to flow and make sense by talking it out aloud and having a silent partner listening.

I did not want to leave the Mountains, it was like a writers retreat, even with a two year old in the car seat behind agitated and needing a pee every 20 minutes.
It seemed that trip was most definately the best thing for my writing to date. Another door was unlocked that weekend, more like hundreds of rivers that flowed to the mouth of the sea. All my ideas pooled together and finally made sense.

The more I talked aloud and explained my thinking and troubles, the more depth i could put effortlessly into my planning.

So if I were to offer any suggestions on making planning and organising your projects-books, then it would be this :

# Talk out loud- always
# Find a quiet happy place where you can use as your little retreat- not necessarily the mountains but some place you love to go, inside or out.
#Always have a pen and paper at your finger tips.
#Write ALL your ideas down!
# Be patient- this is difficult for me.
# Never finish a sentence when your writing, leave an empty obvious place to pick up your flow again.
# Just write

Hope this helps.

Please follow for book updates and blog posts on my spiritual, writing and motherhood journies.

Have a wonderful week.

Annie k Baxter

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