Global vibration

I am compelled to do something in this time of sadness.
Reading and seeing and listening to all the negativity,seeing sadness and grief that is filling up yours minds likes a fog, has inspired me to write this.

At this time of global desperation and desolation,  fear is striding through the towns like a plague centre of attention.
The world and universe is that of always balance, so fear and love are inevitable,  but we do have a choice,  we can love each and everyone being or we can fear and hide away and tremble in our sub conscious minds which will flood our conscious minds.

As I hear the chatter of passer byers with their children at their side, an edgy tone of fear and nerves flow from their auras right deep in to the pure innocence of the ones they are to protect.

Now ignoring the situation and the fear and the hatred in the world does not solve anything.  But giving it attention only makes it more real, if we can simply acknowledge the issues and pain and suffering, we can do something about it. 

As the years go on, in my life time since 1989, only… I have heard too much devastation  and pain,  it will always be like that. But please, please remember there is love and happiness too, look at the nearest child to you or the laughter in the background,  the sun shining through that dark patch or even your glimmer of hope- which is there- i assure you .

Reach out. If you sit back and think there is nothing you can do about the world’s situation you are playing a one sided game of chess. The media feeds and survives  off these global issues and then shouts from the root top spreading that hate. Open your heart open your mind and be in a space of love and only love. That will then lead you to a greater peace and place to move forward and help others.
All the social media racism,  hate language and attacks are foul. Do not lower to it, it’s simply spreading more fear and as we all know social media is very powerful. Educate yourself.

Abstain from it or help it:

Start local, don’t feed the fear,  help where ever you can, volunteer,  pray, know in yourself that you can be the balance and keep your head held high and be a vibrational match of love with the universe.

A swirling gut wrenching knowing that I must do something, I now have some relief, even if only one person feels more positive by reading this.
My commitments and love is given to my son and family, I am staying the light in the darkness.
I urge you to do the same .

Find the spark that makes you happy, help others with a smile. You are not naive or ignorant, you are just taking are step back with a  higher perspective and understanding.
Teach others and act now.

Peace- Annie k Baxter


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