Daily gratitude


Begin to find the things the make you happy.
What do you appreciate?
What can you see right this minute take, a glance out of your window
Notice – what makes you smile?

#Today I am grateful for this site to express my inside words.

#I am grateful for my morning alarm clock -that is my son.

# Iam grateful for the amazing human species, the delicate complexities of our beings.

#My ears, so I can listen to the world.

Just for today- find one thing you are grateful for and truly appreciate it.
For it may not be there tomorrow.

Start living a happier, more fulfilled life by simply being grateful the moment you wake up. Live in the now! Is there really anything that is in your way right this very second?
(*recommends reading the power of now, by Echarkt tolle)

After a year of this it is now a lifestyle and I am free to choose my thoughts and free to change them. When I feel negatively about a situation I simply turn it around. What am I grateful for? This does not mean you just ignore your feelings. But to recognize and allow yourself to not let it rule your emotional well being. Save your energy for the important things- like yourself.

Why not create a jar- keep it next to your bed, with a pen and paper. First thing when you wake up write it down and store it away as a memory in the jar. On those bad days you can pull them out and remember what you are grateful for.


Excellent for kids. Perhaps before dinner or even bed time. Make it part of your routine and your children will grow with a state of endless  gratitude.

One thought on “Daily gratitude

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  1. As a religious Jew, I begin every waking day with a prayer thanking the Creator for the gift of a new day. There is so much to be grateful for: a baby grandchild’s first smiles; next spring’s leaf buds appearing as this season’s leaves are falling; a day free of chronic illness symptoms; a beautiful full moon on a clear night; and so much more. Perhaps it is coincidence that I read this post the day before Thanksgiving. (Actually, every day is Thanksgiving in my book.) Thank you for your beautiful words and for liking my blog post.

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