Thetahealing® meditation.


p>Do you feel or know that there must be more to this world and universe then this. Of course… We are miniscule in comparison to the infinite universe. You may have a belief of something higher, a bigger purpose for yourself. If this resonates within you, I want to give you The tools to connecting through meditations: a Theta healing meditation. Some of you may go there automatically when your’e doing healings on others or yourself, meditating or just relaxing .

Theta state is a brainwave at 4-7 cycles per second- and is used whilst asleep. It’s a state of relaxation. People meditate for hours to reach this state.

Using the theta brainwave you can improve you 3rd eye chakra visuals and create your own reality and manifest exactly what you desire.
Find out what you want from life and gain answers and increase your awareness and intuition. Start to listen to universe .

Through the meditation i am about to guide you through, i will lead you all the way up past the universe and past all the dimensions into the everything to The seventh plane of existence.
Where love and pure state of ‘just is’ exists. Surrounding you in complete bliss and white light. Once your there -you may want to stay there for while and feel the connection.

Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down. Take a few deep breaths in and listen to your breath. Close your eyes
If you ever find your mind wanders, just bring your attention back to your breath.
I want you to visualize a ball of energy inside around your heart centre, it can be any colour. I want you to bring this ball of light all the way down your body and past the ground, into the centre of the earth all the way into the core. I want you to grab some of that mother Earths energy and bring it all the way back up through the centre of the earth, and up to you feet, watch this energy swirl Around your feet and move slowly up to your knees. You may warm and tingly, just use your imagination and see clearly as I describe.imagination is key.
Now see this energy swirl around your hips. You feel safe and hugged. Now this energy is going to open up all your chakras as it moves up your body. If your aware of you chakras do what you would normally do to allow them to open freely with this earths energy. Starting at your root chakra at the base of your spine see a ball of light swirl and open, moving up to your sacral chakra by your pelvic area. See the light shine bright and spin faster. Then move the energy up through your solar plexus, in the stomach area, perhaps the light is yellow . It doesn’t matter what colours you see. Just be aware and feel your energy centres open. Move the energy up to your heart chakra, then to your throat and up to your third eye. Then to you crown chakra. Now see this bright white light above your head, it’s pure and welcoming . Move into that ball of light. Your are now in the ball, you can see your body below. Just go with it. I want you now to move higher and higher . Above your house, up into the skies, past the clouds, past the blue lights, into the universe. Take a minute and look around at it’s beauty. Now keep moving up and up, past the universe and you come to a series of white lights, go through the white lights and you see darkness which is just the spaces in between. Now you keep going up and up, higher and you see a jelly like substance . This is the laws, you may want to come and visit here again one day but for now keep going up. You see a pearly iridescent light up ahead . Go towards it and move throughout. It feels clean and pure . In the distance you see a door or window. Keep moving up and up. The higher you go the more relaxed you get. The bright door is in front of you. Go through the door, you see nothing but pure white light. Move into the light. Once your there, step out of your bubble and feel the calmness, love , compassion, all that is.

You have reached the seventh plane. The creator of all that is, is now part of you and will be forever. You are the light and the light is you.

Take a few minutes here and ask any questions you want answers to.
You should not see any people or animals. The seventh plane is pure light. It gives you access to other planes of existence where you can contact your guides, ancestors or even the laws themselves.

To make your way back down to your body. Just work your way backward and move all the way down to the core and hook yourself there to help you ground your energies. Or you can simply open your eye. It feels wonderful.

This meditation is wonderful for children too, before bedtime or if they are stressed, just guide them up and allow them to sit there for a few minutes . It very calming and nuturing.

Let me know your experiences with this meditation. Miracles can happen!
First you must believe it .

Theta healing®
is a registered trademark by Vianna stibal (founder)
You may find me on

Please follow for my upcoming book with thetahealing teaching and wonder of adventures of an 11 year old boy travelling through the planes.

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  1. I used this method before, although I never thought to incorporate meditations! The binaural beats are so effective, especially when coupled with personalized tonals and other sounds (at least for me). Even though I’ve had success with this type of thing, I never realized how far reaching the effects could be, with regards the different levels of sleep and rest.

    Thanks for a great post. I hope others gain as much as I have learned 🙂

    Also, thanks for dropping by The Old Fossil Writes and staying long enough to follow! Best wishes on your book!

    Liked by 1 person

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