Perseverance, persistence and patience.


Writing has taught me more than I could have imagined.
So many rules yet so much freedom.
Once you’ve finished your story and read it a thousand times over, edited and changed the structure around, your mind tends to get fuzzy.
I start questioning my story, is it worthy? Will anyone else enjoy it? Does it really serve a purpose?
I begin to become extra critical, my husband notices and reccomends I take a break. So I do.
A week later I come back and am able to notice all the errors with a less fuzzy critical mind.
No matter how many times your computer crashes or your editing software completely melts your story and ruins your entire piece of work, or the voices in your head tells you to throw it in the bin. You gotta keep trying,  persevere and carry on, take a break and breathe because you’ve come so far already, get ‘er done.

I am not one for patience, even now I get so frustrated re reading over my writing, but I know there is no going back. I crack down and muscle on.
It takes 9 months to grow a baby but a lifetime to learn and evolve,  your book baby will not be complete over night.
Take your time, relax and enjoy every hard,rocky, sweaty, happy and easy step.

Even if  no one else reads your  book with the same feelings or perception as you, you can hold your head up high and know you persevered, persisted  and gained an ounce of patience. I know I am a new person after writing my story, a better, more fulfilled and even a tincy bit more patient.
The sun will always rise tomorrow.


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