Crystal healing


I am writing this post in response to a followers interest in learning about other crystal healing experiences.

So, I’ll tell you a little bit about my experiences.
My first crystal healing that I received  was in England by a close friend of mine. She offered me a reiki session and crystal healing.  I couldn’t pass it up.
At first I was a little aprehensive, never even having a reiki session before let alone crystals being placed upon my body?


Since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated with crystals and all metaphysical things.
I couldn’t walk into a souvenir shop without staring intently and curiously at the rocks and gems.
Not knowing they had natural healing elements and special properties, which  is what i was drawn to, as it was something deeper then their appearance  that started my collection.

Growing up, I would automatically leave them in specific spots on my shelf or hold one for longer or sleep with it under my pillow. It wasn’t until I was older and my friend began to explaining why I was drawn to them.
My dad had frequent headaches and so she recommended using clear quartz or Rose quartz to place under his pillow.
I told my mother what we could do but with my dad not being holistic or in anyway open to alternative  healing we sneaked the crystal under his pillow. Low and behold the next morning his daily headaches had dissappeard. There have since  been numerous occasions where crystal healings have helped in my own wellbeing and my friends.

I go through certain stages of my life being drawn to a specific crystal, as of now it’s citrine, known to bring success and create abundance and ease of manifesting. I am at a turning point in my life which is in need of a boost of ease and manifesting skills so it bodes well that I am drawn to citrine.

Back to my personal healing session,
I felt totally relaxed with beautiful bell sounds and soothing aromas. Laid on a soft massage table and covered with a warm blanket, she began with a chant calling on the elementals and any ascended masters she was drawn to. The session felt like it was over in a matter of minutes, but in reality (if that’s what you can call it) was 45 minutes.
She then laid crystals on each of my chakra points, as she laid them on me I felt more relaxed and slightly tingly. I could feel the heat from her hands that were situated away from my body.  As she placed her hands either side of my ears i felt a buzzing and ringing,  it was an odd yet soothing sensation. I received many visions and unusual  feelings. As she placed her hands above my ankles I felt I was being held down,  like I had shackles placed on me. After the session I explained what I felt and she said she saw the shackles as a dark cloud, like I was trudging through life in sticky, tar like substance, which reflected my life’s situation so well at that point in time. After that session I felt like a new person,  awakened and revitalized.  My intuition and self awareness was hightend.  My self healing journey had begun.

After a few weeks of self reiki and adjustments I was given an attunement to angelic reiki. My visions were insane, bright lights like hallucinations of beautiful spiral  universal lights.
I could see my spirit guides and i just knew where to place my hands and feel the energies of others during reiki sessions.
There is so much more I could tell you about my experiences, but I’ll leave that for another time perhaps.

The one crystal I use at all times is my trustee amethyst, not only does it boost intuiton and pyshic abilities, it also creates an instant soothing meditative state for me which penetrates the room. Rose quartz is another crystal I use to promote calmness which allows forgiveness and your heart chakra to open and be fully capable of healing any hurt, negativity, resentment,  anger or jelousy.


I am now a Theta healer practitioner, which has changed my life, also an Angelic reiki practitioner and love offering my services to anyone that would like to experience this. I offer attunements  and positive guidance sessions, children’s meditations and crystal cleanses.

If there is further interest in my healing sessions information I will do a write up in detail of how I personally give a reiki session.
Remember each person is different with different needs and will recieve an individual experience.

Love & gratitude


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