For Goblins Sake

New story in progress, first draft :


 Chapter 1

In the realms of all existence lie many layers of creatures, magic and curiosity.

To the foggy human eye with limited sight, only the land you know exists, right?

Of course your imagination can see far more than your eye can, but few of you allow it to get submerged deep enough to believe it.


You may have heard of the mythical creatures, fairies and goblins, but they are just stories to you, but to me it’s my life, I am a Griffin.

Have you ever heard your pets meow and bark with an intense scowl when there is nothing there? what scuttles in dark shadows or gives you pins and needles? Well my friends if you don’t believe in such things, next time you go to bed, be sure to close your doors and shut those curtains, so the shadows and reflections don’t peek through, because you may be in danger of opening your imagination or even going on an adventure.

In the land of humans, known as earth ‘your world’ you like to call it.  I have heard the creatures laugh at your theories and fears and destruction of ‘your world’.

You may be the ones that walk about daily fully seen to everybody else, but i assure you, it’s what you can not see that you need to start understanding or even fear. Magic is the key that keeps these mythical, mystical creatures alive and free from your grip.

Goblins seem to have acquired a bad reputation and in these so called books that you read, but I want to set that straight right now. Goblins, yes they may be ugly, they may be dirty, they may lurk in dark corners, but they are the one and only ones that can keep the rest of us alive. It is their job and life long undertaking to maintain,feed and protect the magic within the core of the realms. They are born from pure magic and are smart and have created an underground maze that is spread out over your entire world, as deep into the earth’s crust- their headquarters gorged in the hot core of mother earth.

There are eight realms as far i know, I’m not in charge, just an onlooker that enjoys watching you people try and work it all out.

You could say, every time a child prays and wishes to see fairies, or creatures or mythical beings, I hear them first and then send that message on to them personally.So please children dont judge the messenger.

Each realm holds different creatures, in the centre of it all is of course the goblin kingdom, with the most important job of all, maintaining that magic.

There is the dragon realm, the fairy realm, the dwarf land, the elvish kingdom, the werewolves thrones, griffin layer , ghoul plane, troll realm, gnomes, merman and mermaids. Within each realm lies their sisters and brothers, for instance the fairy realm holds the pixies, nymphs and imps etc.

All realms are connected by the magic engineered and maintained by the goblins.


With human population increasing and interfering with them, their own magic is weakened so they rely even more so on the goblins protection and magic source. The cogspower must be protected.

It seems to be that a little box known as a tv? controls your daily action and thoughts. Ever since the incident with the flying dragon being spotted in bulgaria, the news has bent the truth and exploited our own.

You may have heard crime rates are at its high, and are being blamed on us, the dragons, the ones that live below in the dark but i can tell you that it’s not. It is you, you humans that are in control of your own actions.

We creatures like to take a back seat and maintain that magic within you and myself.

One thing the news has got right, is the mixed breeds, known to us creatures as the Goboids, My intention is not to scare you or worry you or even make you want to search for them. But if you happen to come across a Goboid, be very careful, approach with caution. They may be manipulative, have the ability to shapeshift or even freeze time, which means what you may think you have experienced is actually not the case.

Goboids may be unaware that they are indeed half creature half human. their eyes may flicker, their body may shimmer, they are highly sensitive and more receptive to emotions, they could be your brother or even your sister, or worse your mother and father.

When these Goboids come of age they will eventually find out their destiny and get to choose which side they want to be on, but choose they must and stay with that for the rest of their lives. There will be no moving in and out of worlds or times, they must stay for eternity.


The goblins are there for your protection as well as ours, but their life is full of cogspower and darkness, hunting and engineering. As you could imagine they may get bored or want to wander off to the realms of the unicorns or the woodland free flyers. Hundreds of years ago there was one goblin named Alchom darkblood- he was the head engineer/ science technician. Through boredom he carried out scientific experiments of the kind that were banned, the type that could cause great danger to the entire world, even for you. he mixed human dna with goblin dna. with the access of the greatest magic on earth and all the realms he created a tiny newborn Goboid with the strength of man and magic of the goblins.

This  brought great chaos to the world, it even killed off a breed of goblins- the peedie folk, the ones that discreetly help in your homes, i’m sure you’ve heard of these myths before, unfortunately that is what they have now become, due to the goblins sloppy bordish ways. After the humans feared the goblins ulterior motive was to steal their children and create halfbreeds, you could imagine the humans began to fight back, which led to extinction. The goblins of today are now bound to their cogscave and underworld realms, but on occasion they must hunt, which requires time to be frozen.

Today the fear is rising and Goboids are coming of age and experimenting with their goblin powers. havoc, fear and chaos is what causes your crime rate to increase, your  bizarre nightmares, your memory loss, your missing pets? and even the loss of loved ones. i am telling you this because you will most likely forget what i have told you in the morning any way. if you are in possession of any halfbreeds, be warned, they are hardwired to erase any memory that may put their true identity at risk.

so please i beg of you stop wishing to see these magical creatures, stay at home, lock your doors and do not, i repeat do not use your imagination. Now i would like to see you so called humans, figure that one out, on the other paw, best not- Goblins do not appreciate humans invading their work. There are too many of you, my head is getting filled with all your wishes and prayers. I am quite frankly, tired!

If you believe or even know about our existence, then wonderful but leave it at that for your own safety.

You humans are nothing but balls or curiosity and you know what killed your cat… goblins. so please do exactly what i say and keep our magic safe.

If you are not afraid or would like some further proof of the other realms to stop your endless need and wishes, then please read on, but remember reading this will put your halfbreeds identity at risk, so always keep one eye open.


Francis Periwinkle

All rights reserved © Annie k Baxter, 2015


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  1. I like the ideas and concepts in this, and I feel like it’s a pretty interesting start to potentially a pretty cool story. Nice, original twist on some traditional fantasy tropes. Looking forward to reading more! I also liked the occasional humorous observations and laughed quite a few times.

    Liked by 1 person

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