Holiday rejuvenation.


Happy holidays to all.

As the traditional season for giving and loving those near and far, showing our appreciation and gratitude draws to an end, remember those feelings and small joyous sparkles that comfort you like a warm winter hug, for they exist throughout the year too.
Christmas  time is a funny time, sad, happy and a perfect time to reminisce.
Whether you are surrounded by your family or friends or alone at this time, I want to give you hope,  hope that Christmas is not the end or the beginning but a loud sign and blinker telling you to wake up, give to yourself with health and love and spread that happiness to everyone else.
There are always those less fortunate than you and better off at that particular time,  but each are equal and deserving of the same happiness, generosity and love.
Speak kind words and act upon your truth, lift people up to your high vibration. Walk among those that feed your spirit not your darkness.
This is the time to look inwards, release all that no longer serves you and move forward hand in hand, with grace and ease.
With each year brings new perspectives,  obstacles and lessons.
Embrace them and set your goals and keep dreaming.
This is the most wonderful time to manifest what you desire and clear out all your foggyness and unnecessary baggage.
If you would like some guidance on how to manifest what you want easily and to release those blockages then feel free to message me or visit my website

(Offering half price sessions for the new year manifestations.)


Through Theta healing, meditation and self care you can Start creating your ideal life.  Happiness starts with you- not a person or a place, not the destination but the journey itself.


Happy holidays and happy manifesting .
Love & gratitude.

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