A note for David Bowie

A note for David Bowie. As a little girl I was raised on his raw music, my mother was a rebel of the 60's, a hippy,  a rocker and a punk. I am so grateful for her music taste. David Bowie was always an inspiration, his care free essence, his friendly face, universal eyes and... Continue Reading →

Scrapping my novel

Well, a year has past since I begun my story, a tale of another world filled with devastation and Magic. I was empowered to write this story through the theta healing courses I took last year, a healing modality through meditation. Which in its self is a wondrous, magical way of life which allowed my... Continue Reading →

Happy new year

To beginnings and ends I raise a glass That's full of excitement Hope and hearts Our journey is the best part of all Be present and in the now, you cannot fall For nature and earth, I do take a bow Lessons learnt, growth and gain This year will spark your inner flame As you... Continue Reading →

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