Scrapping my novel


Well, a year has past since I begun my story, a tale of another world filled with devastation and Magic. I was empowered to write this story through the theta healing courses I took last year, a healing modality through meditation.
Which in its self is a wondrous, magical way of life which allowed my mind to be open and creative in my writings and develop my novel.
Since the beginning there were many niggles that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. That feeling of it not being right and something was missing, the plot, the storyline and the general teachings I was trying to portray.
The idea felt wonderful, to be able to teach children and introduce them to theta healing, self awareness and development through a fantasy adventure.  I couldn’t help but feel preachy whilst reading through.  I told myself it’s just because it’s subtle and I have put it there so I know it’s there!
Writing stories which include others people’s work/ businesses and concepts obviously needs copyright permissions. Which I had discussed with theta healing headquarters and knew which steps I had to take.
Writing a story in which you may not ever be able to publish,  not even self publish was stomach wrenching.  I felt perhaps there was a reason that no one else had written a fictional story with direct teachings of a healing modality.
My uncertainties and distrust in myself grew daily, I wasn’t sure what to do. I had planned for a trilogy, which was silly in itself as I want sure if I would get the copyrights. If I did they would more than likely require royalties– which would be fine as I was not writing this particular story for the pennies, I hoped to simply teach.

So a year has gone by and I have now decided to scrap it completely.
What a weight lifted.
I have learnt so much through writing this story, patience, planning,  structuring, formatting, dialogue,  characters- the list is endless. Oh and editing, some what.
The idea of re-writing my entire story 50,000 words, was terrifying. After mulling it over for a few months, perhaps the entire year,  the excitment is back.
I’m raring to go, ideas are flowing, I am limitless and free.

Best get writing!

Love & gratitude.

Annie k. Baxter

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