A note for David Bowie


A note for David Bowie.

As a little girl I was raised on his raw music, my mother was a rebel of the 60’s, a hippy,  a rocker and a punk.
I am so grateful for her music taste.
David Bowie was always an inspiration, his care free essence, his friendly face, universal eyes and shear awesomeness.
After the lovely labyrinth movie and bowie in tights, I grew up with a forever space in my heart for him.  Dreams of where he was my saviour, repeatedly. You could say I had a slight obsession on him as a teenager.
His music Is my life’s playlist, with every emotion or memory felt in tune, will always remain.
I have never felt the loss and love or sadness for a human being I haven’t met before,  I’m sure many other people feel the same.

Today I feel inspired and know that I must live life to my full potentional. Live on the edge, experience, dance and  above all…love fearlessly.

RIP David Bowie- my hero, just for one day.



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