Writing to music

Before I became a writer I was very much involved with local artists and bands. There would never be a moment without music on in the background or as the centerpiece. I would listen to everything from classical, folk, rock, reggae, pop, drum and bass, anything that was well composed and made my ears smile and my... Continue Reading →

Children are our teachers

So my son is now three and a half and watching him grow as an individual, absolutely unique and hilarious is wonderful. He is a comedian, always entertaining and making people laugh. I am so very grateful for my son in every way, but one in particular... His vocabulary of new words and meaning are original and... Continue Reading →

Live in the NOW

As a child, I was always looking ahead and wishing for things way in the future. I thought about what I wanted to be and all the different jobs I could do. I wanted to do everything and anything. I wished to be an archeologist, writer, actress, a veterinarian, an explorer and that was just in... Continue Reading →

The Magical Goblin Engineers

As I learn more about my characters, personalities and traits the deeper my story becomes. The more I become. Without fear or love these beings are driven by disgust and boredom, these are the emotions that allow them to work within the Cog maze for eternity. With nimble fingers and small scaly frames, they are perfect... Continue Reading →

Upcoming book:For Goblins’ Sake

An inconspicuous race has been born and are coming of age. Half goblin, half man created by the mad goblin, a scientist bound to the cog maze in which he must work for the rest of his life. Bored and with a thirst for creation has illegally yet successfully created the Goboids.

Current works

Welcome to my website, a place where I can express my creativity and share my current projects. I always have something on the go and hope that one day I actually finish one my stories. I have two … Source: Current works

Adventure Book Trailer for all ages

Today I was scrolling through twitter for new stories and adventures and stumbled across this book, which was being promoted by https://yourbookpromoter.com/- #BooksGoSocial on facebook. This is a non-sponsored post. See below the trailer for the Children's Book "The sweet Adventures of Henry P.Twist." The author is B.W. Van Alstyne, a retired Navy veteran, poet, singer/songwriter, actor... Continue Reading →

10 Ways To Ignite Magic For Children

10 ways to disperse the magic through childhood. Talk to your children about your childhood experiences, what did you enjoy or believe in at their age? What made you feel excited or have faith and hope that there was more to life or hidden beings like fairies etc. Engage in magical conversations around a campfire,... Continue Reading →

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