10 Ways To Ignite Magic For Children

10 ways to disperse the magic through childhood.

  1. Talk to your children about your childhood experiences, what did you enjoy or believe in at their age? What made you feel excited or have faith and hope that there was more to life or hidden beings like fairies etc.
  1. Engage in magical conversations around a campfire, talk about myths and legends  and how they could be interpreted into today’s world.fairy-house-1587367_1920.jpg
  1. Go on hunts, entice the beings or magic they so crave, let them lead the way and provide tools for them to allow their creativity to flow. Don’t put pressure on the outcome, children naturally live in the now and will be excited for every step of the way. (Build tiny fairy homes or dens, create magic binoculars… you get my drift)

     4. Spend time in nature, the local woodlands or meadow, or even your back garden.Show them how they can use all their senses to see and feel things they have never felt before. Listen to the wind and animals, imagine what they are saying.

  1. Create, imagine and tell stories. Create storyboards from what you have seen during the day that inspired the child and put the ideas into a story led by your child.Creating storyboards for children
  1. Talk about nature (favorite animals or flowers, trees)and how it helps us and our environment, even the air we breathe, all the miracles, the perfection and balance within our world.
  1. Look at the universe and galaxy photos or maps of the world, it puts our lives into perspective and broadens the Childs mind to an infinite of possibilities.
  1. Star gazing, perhaps take a course in astronomy or energy work or join a group that enables the child to be active outdoors and experience the night skies.
  1. Meditation and daily mindful activities. Meditation benefits for Children
  1. Read fantasy and nature books. Anything the child enjoys will spark a magical sensation that will inspire in some way. Tap into your own inner child memories and feelings so you could relate and help inspire them.

I would love to hear your experiences and any ideas you have used at home with your family or classes.

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