Adventure Book Trailer for all ages

Today I was scrolling through twitter for new stories and adventures and stumbled across this book, which was being promoted by #BooksGoSocial on facebook. This is a non-sponsored post.

See below the trailer for the Children’s Book “The sweet Adventures of Henry P.Twist.”

The author is B.W. Van Alstyne, a retired Navy veteran, poet, singer/songwriter, actor and chef.  He is also the author of a cookbook titled The Singing Chef: Back to Basics (The Do-Re-Mi’s of Cooking). He enjoys great music, good food and spending time with his family in Texas.

I love the idea of having a trailer to promote your book, it enables you to engage the reader more visually and I feel it portrays the essence of the book quickly. I would love to know what you think about book trailers.

The book was originally published in 2014 and is available on most platforms.

“In this faerie tale for all ages, a pixie-led elderly pastry chef rediscovers his youth in a land of faeries, myth, magic, and the most scrumptious sweets ever imagined.”

I feel this trailer would make for a wonderful BBC television one-off Christmas special. It’s a lovely, exciting story line filled with wonder and imagination. A story that will excite at any age. The trailer feels like a mix between Charlie and the chocolate factory and The BFG. A Full book review will be coming soon.

Here is a link to book on amazon:

You can also buy signed copies here:

Join the Author on his facebook page:

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