Live in the NOW

As a child, I was always looking ahead and wishing for things way in the future. I thought about what I wanted to be and all the different jobs I could do. I wanted to do everything and anything. I wished to be an archeologist, writer, actress, a veterinarian, an explorer and that was just in one day. I was always told that I can’t be everything, but I knew if I put my mind to it then I could! I still believe that today, but personally it takes me a little while to learn new skills, so I am happy with taking one job at a time. But taking one day at a time is rather difficult for me. I still like to plan and organize and imagine what I could be doing in the next week or year. I suppose this is what helps me plan children’s stories. I am able to delve in deep enough and look at all angles for each character. But I can get so caught up in the future and begin to worry about everything which takes my attention away from the NOW. Sometimes you need a ‘kick up the butt’ and a little reminder that everything in this very moment is alright and worrying about the possibility of something happening is only doubling your chances in the pain.



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