Writing to music

Before I became a writer I was very much involved with local artists and bands. There would never be a moment without music on in the background or as the centerpiece. I would listen to everything from classical, folk, rock, reggae, pop, drum and bass, anything that was well composed and made my ears smile and my feet tap.

When I was young and had the compulsory homework that needed to be done at the last minute, I would automatically choose an upbeat song or album, something light and I found it always made me work more focused and relaxed, without the work feeling like a burden. Over the years when life through some harder stuff at me I neglected the music In the background and life got a lot harder. It was only a few months ago that I realized I no longer worked with music in the background, I thought hard about why and I remember feeling it was a distraction, how could I possibly work  hard and get things done with music on, especially fast pace classical type.


It wasn’t until I was at my lowest point in my mental wellbeing which reflected in my writing and creativity, that I desperately needed the music back. I just sat and listened to some Otis Taylor, smooth blues, and jazz, which really inspired me to write and release my own hard stuff on paper.

It has now become a ritual that I must have music on while I write, or at least to gain momentum and emotion towards the writing. I am currently writing a children’s novel which is based on the dark depths of the underworld, it is a bit dark at times with humorous twists within a fantasy adventure world. I enjoy listening to Otis Taylor- ten million slaves, the soundtrack to public enemies, and film soundtracks like Lord of the rings which tend to get me in a magical mood. I have recently discovered Lindsay sterling, I really like some of her covers and some other songs, but it is definitely a required taste of dubstep and a violin mix. Does music help you write?

I would love to hear if you write to music and what style or artist inspires you?


7 thoughts on “Writing to music

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  1. I can really relate to this. I love to write to music with no words, sometimes epic classical, sometimes chilled out electronic. It can really make both the time and writing fly, especially when the music has a certain mood to it that matches with what I’m working on. I can never write to stuff with words in it though, I wish I could but I just find it too distracting.

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  2. I used to write to music, but then started finding that it was too evocative! My writing was too dreamy! Ha ha. So now I write in silence. I will occasionally write a later draft with music to smooth out the prose. I love how we all have our own styles. 🙂

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