A Note To Depression


Winter is long and bitterly cold, it’s the time of quiet and isolation. A period where silence grows and your inner voice gets louder.  But there are times where I felt a buzz of happiness, excitement, and hope. It had come to a point where I have to make a list of these things to remember when times are low. My favourites things that pull me out are:

  • Writing at least 1000 words a day, towards my novel or diary, blog posts or poems,
  • Meditationcolored-pencils-374771_1920
  • yoga or a little bit of exercise.
  • Gathering my pennies together and going to the charity shop
  • Having a drive with the view of the rocky mountains.

The simple things that can make every day better with a glance at tomorrow without dread. If you can find just one thing that sparks something inside, remember it and consciously experience it.

mandala-1302804_1920The best time to do these things are first thing in the morning or as early as you can, start the day off with gratitude and actively taking steps towards being happy or improving how you feel. Surrounding yourself with supportive people and those that don’t push for answers or demand you talk it through. It is your mind and body, your emotions and your life, in which only you have to live and make choices for a better life.

I offer my support to anyone that wants it, FREE & confidential and at your own pace. You can contact me on my facebook page or send me an email:


or facebook page https://www.facebook.com/omandscript/

My holistic healing website http://dawningjourney.weebly.com/


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