Upcoming Events, Summer 2018

I realize I have been somewhat distant from my blog. After having another baby, my time has been filled with joyous cuteness. But I have found some time for writing and bookish events.

In June I attended my first comic con, which was quite nerve-wracking. It was not my usual crowd of people, but it was an amazing experience, none the less. Everyone was very welcoming and intrigued by my book. I excelled past my expectations for sales and it has pushed me to continue writing, and I feel these specific events are just my target audience- Fantasy fanatics, of all ages.

Come and join me in Kelowna, this August 25th & 26th, for Kelowna Comic Com. I will have a table waiting to see you. This event will be the first title reveal for the second book in the Nine Realm series, along with mock covers for your vote. If your cover suggestions or vote appear for the final cover, you will receive a gifted e-book once published. So be sure to join the mailing list for information on your winnings.

You can get your tickets for Kelowna comic con here: https://kccexpo.com/ 

An official book launch is set for this month also, in Penticton, Okanagan. Join me at the Nest & Nectar for a bookish evening. A family-friendly event, and an oppertunity to get your writing juices flowing and create a silly story. This will be a chance to enter for an ARC (advanced reader copy) of the second book in the series, before publishing.Official Book Launch!

As the Nine Realms delves deeper into the creatures and adventures that lay ahead, be the first to gain insights of whats to come.

I am now taking bookings for school talks and readings. If you or your children are interested in experiencing this fantasy series, please feel free to contact me at akbaxter.author@email.com, or comment below and we can have a discussion.

Feel free to take a peek at the first in the ‘Nine Realms’ series, ‘For Goblins’ Sake’. It is available on Amazon, print or ebook. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0799DSDN5

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