Nine Realms: Book Two is here!

Hello wonderful people!


I would like to announce the release of the second book in the middle-grade fantasy series: Nine Realms, is coming out!

Pillars of Matchstick Men is coming this week!

more book gif

The Nine Realms are drifting apart.

After centuries of greed and disregard, the human realm hangs on by mere threads.

Lying in the Scottish Highlands, the pillars of Giant Oak have captured the fascination of an unlikely duo: Beth, a fire- juggler of the carnival and James, an obvious stranger and only child. The Primagers are emerging, along with the traitors-their secrets must be kept, but at what cost?

The Guardians and the creatures of the Nine, constrained by their own laws, are powerless to help the humans in their time of need.

The fate of the human realm lies with Beth and James, the future generation.

Together they must unlock the riddles of the Matchstick Men under the cover of darkness.

But have the humans gone too far?

Time. Is. Now.


46393219_2236820223254175_762042505297395712_n (1)

Join me on facebook for live updates to purchase your copy of the Nine Realms: Pillars of  Matchstick Men

Do you have any questions about the Nine Realms universe, or any preferences for the  next realm you want to delve into?

If so, join Annie on facebook for a live Questions and Answer session.

Drop a comment below if you are interested.

lets have a chat!



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