Adventure Book Trailer for all ages

Today I was scrolling through twitter for new stories and adventures and stumbled across this book, which was being promoted by #BooksGoSocial on facebook. This is a non-sponsored post. See below the trailer for the Children's Book "The sweet Adventures of Henry P.Twist." The author is B.W. Van Alstyne, a retired Navy veteran, poet, singer/songwriter, actor... Continue Reading →

Happy new year

To beginnings and ends I raise a glass That's full of excitement Hope and hearts Our journey is the best part of all Be present and in the now, you cannot fall For nature and earth, I do take a bow Lessons learnt, growth and gain This year will spark your inner flame As you... Continue Reading →

Holiday rejuvenation.

Happy holidays to all. As the traditional season for giving and loving those near and far, showing our appreciation and gratitude draws to an end, remember those feelings and small joyous sparkles that comfort you like a warm winter hug, for they exist throughout the year too. Christmas  time is a funny time, sad, happy... Continue Reading →

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