Scrapping my novel

Well, a year has past since I begun my story, a tale of another world filled with devastation and Magic. I was empowered to write this story through the theta healing courses I took last year, a healing modality through meditation. Which in its self is a wondrous, magical way of life which allowed my... Continue Reading →

Holiday rejuvenation.

Happy holidays to all. As the traditional season for giving and loving those near and far, showing our appreciation and gratitude draws to an end, remember those feelings and small joyous sparkles that comfort you like a warm winter hug, for they exist throughout the year too. Christmas  time is a funny time, sad, happy... Continue Reading →

Upcoming book

Planes of adventure. Arbortorious. I have written this story with the purpose of teaching children about Theta healing® through adventures and wonderlands. Through the seven planes of existence ( taught and founded by Vianna stiball) we have everything we desire, knowledge, dreams, ideas and inspiration at our fingertips. Everything you can think of, everything in... Continue Reading →

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