The Magical Goblin Engineers

As I learn more about my characters, personalities and traits the deeper my story becomes. The more I become. Without fear or love these beings are driven by disgust and boredom, these are the emotions that allow them to work within the Cog maze for eternity. With nimble fingers and small scaly frames, they are perfect... Continue Reading →

Current works

Welcome to my website, a place where I can express my creativity and share my current projects. I always have something on the go and hope that one day I actually finish one my stories. I have two … Source: Current works

10 Ways To Ignite Magic For Children

10 ways to disperse the magic through childhood. Talk to your children about your childhood experiences, what did you enjoy or believe in at their age? What made you feel excited or have faith and hope that there was more to life or hidden beings like fairies etc. Engage in magical conversations around a campfire,... Continue Reading →

Creative Kids

Creating storyboards for children is a wonderful way to get them interested in using their imagination and being able to express it through stories: You could set a specific day for creating a story, or even a weekend. It can be a fun and enticing way to include the whole family. It can be done... Continue Reading →

An Ode to Envy

An Ode to Envy For envy is thy enemy and will tempt me into so I wish I could find my place in line For a small bit of self-worth and glow The endless locks and perfection are far from mine But I do want, damn envy, I will pine. I shall sit a back... Continue Reading →

Begin again

I have turned on the light and can see again, I have not erased or forgotten the pain I live with it every day But there is no need to sit in the dark unless your healing your own heart You too shall find your happiness, it does takes time with continuous Thoughts of love, song and rhyme.


Hello, I have uploaded my story here on wattpadd, in case you interested in reading further. Planes Of Adventure : Arbortorious and For Goblins Sake Thankyou Annie All rights reserved.

For Goblins Sake

New story in progress, first draft :    Chapter 1 In the realms of all existence lie many layers of creatures, magic and curiosity. To the foggy human eye with limited sight, only the land you know exists, right? Of course your imagination can see far more than your eye can, but few of you... Continue Reading →

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