Nine Realms

Welcome to the ‘Nine Realms’, the first published book by A.K. Baxter.

The first book in this stand-alone series is titled ‘For Goblins’ Sake’, a story which was a long time coming, and inspired by the Labyrinth movie, starring David Bowie.

Goblins, mazes and underground caverns. A world within our own.

With the strong possibility of numerous worlds that coexist within our own, (yet we have not evolved to see or wish to see them) Annie enjoys creating parallel universes filled with the creatures of the Nine. Each story delves into how they interact with our daily lives without us even realizing.

Nine Realms- A fantasy universe, in and of itself, with the Humans being the last to walk among the realms, the guardians, and the creatures. As they impact the weight of the world the eight original realms become NINE. The tip of the universe is broken yet connected by memories, thoughts, and of course, the Goblins’ magic.

Begin your journey into the Nine Realms and explore the very magic that keeps it alive. Like Rats to London, are goblins to the Fox family.

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Reviews are greatly appreciated and allow other readers to explore the Nine Realms.




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