Planes of adventure Book.

Planes of adventure (1)I have written this story with the purpose of teaching children about Theta healing, through adventures and wonderlands.

Through the seven planes of existence ( taught and founded by Vianna stiball) we have everything we desire, knowledge, dreams, ideas and inspiration at our fingertips. Everything you can think of, everything in the world has its place and origin within the seven planes.

I have created a world/ realm for each plane of existence- the worlds created in the story are not connected to Theta healing, they are my creation and personal take on the planes. Through meditation you and anyone that is so inclined to travel through the planes, can do so. The road map to the seventh plane meditation is taught through my own interpretation which children can follow and take how they would like to.

In the story my protagonist- Oscar, is able to astral project from his bed on the 3rd plane to the 2nd plane – Arbortorious and learn this meditation which enables him to travel to the other planes in the upcoming books. once he has reached the seventh plane, all that is , his life unfolds in front him, he has reached a higher perspective where he can see clear pathways for his life’s purpose, and divine timing.

Through adventures on Arbortorious and meeting new creatures, he learns more about himself then most adults would in a life time. Through the support and magic that’s within him and surrounds him, Oscars ability to create, manifest, be courageous and lead with his heart has brought life and great happiness back to a world, that was once dark and crumbling from lack of love.

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